About Our Firm

Assets Under Management: $4.8 billion
as of September 30, 2014

Location:  Rocky River, Ohio

Equity Strategies Offered:
Small Cap Value Equity
Small/Mid Cap Value Equity
Mid Cap Value Equity
Micro Cap Equity

Sub-Advised Funds:
Munder Integrity Mid-Cap Value Fund
Munder Integrity Small/Mid Cap Value Fund
Munder Micro-Cap Equity Fund
Munder Veracity Small-Cap Value Fund

Integrity Asset Management is an investment advisory firm established in 2003. Integrity Asset Management manages a variety of equity assets for primarily institutional clients.

On December 31, 2010, Integrity was acquired by Munder Capital Management. Under the agreement, Integrity became a wholly owned subsidiary of Munder Capital Management. Integrity Asset Management's investment strategies and management teams will remain in place, and it will retain its current name, location, and brand.

Our goal is to deliver excellence:
With integrity
In everything
At all times

Our team structure empowers managers to make decisions and add value. This advantage, combined with the informational synergies gained from the sharing of information across sectors, adds value compared to a generalist portfolio manager environment or an environment in which sector specialists operate as "silos". Additionally, our sector specialists follow all publicly traded companies within their sectors. This allows them to make investment decisions not limited by market capitalization. This broader approach to sector research, while not necessarily unique, does allow for a true competitive advantage given the fact that wider access to market information is a key factor in determining investment success.
Our process includes a disciplined, quantitative framework that focuses our attention on important criteria for value investing valuation and timing.  We combine traditional value metrics with growth metrics such as earning estimate (momentum) and catalysts, resulting in a portfolio of timely value stocks. Our advantage here is that we are responsive to market changes and are not preoccupied with the narrow deep-value universe. The result of this advantage is our demonstrated outperformance in both up and down markets.

Risk control is an integral part of our process, allowing us to provide our clients with consistent, superior results. Portfolio constraints limiting position size and actively managing position size over the lifecycle of the investment (start small, add, then trim) help to limit risk and capture more of the stock's return potential.  Our daily and intraday measurement of performance and risk exposures relative to peers and the benchmark allows us to understand and consciously choose risk exposures in the portfolio.  Finally, a strict implementation of our sell discipline allows us to add value. This approach to investing has allowed us to outperform in all kinds of markets.
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